Connect to your Body

Speak your Mind

A Program for Courageous Women


Powerful, simple, and effective practices that deeply connect you to your body, grow your self-acceptance & self-trust, and strengthen your communication skills so you attract and experience the deepest, most pleasurable, and most authentic relationships of your life

Do you….

feel like you don’t belong?

have a hard time setting boundaries and standing up for yourself?

find yourself in abusive or violent relationships?

feel numb and disconnected from your body?

feel disconnected from your feminine?

feel everything intensely and you don’t know how to handle it? 

avoid intimacy because it feels terrifying?

block yourself from receiving pleasure?

have a really hard time saying “NO” or “I DON’T KNOW”?

put others’ needs before your own?

push people away so you don’t get hurt?

Does this sound like your experience?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you sure as heck aren’t broken! 

I hear you and I’ve been where you are!

Dear sister,

You are a tender heart and feel so much. That’s what makes you magical and powerful. Sometimes it feels overwhelming so you’ve learned to shut down, self-medicate, or numb all your beautiful feelings because you have forgotten HOW to stand up for yourself in a loving way without shutting people out. You’ve been told you feel too much, you’re too intense, or you’re too sensitive.

You’ve forgotten HOW to be yourself and be in relationships without losing yourself. You desire deep, loving, and nurturing relationships but they feel too hard, too much work, or too much to handle. Intimacy feels really hard. Maybe you’ve had a lifetime of heartbreak, suffering, pain, and trauma and every ounce of you wants to retreat from the world.

There’s also the part of you that loves and gives so much. You are bursting with love! You wish that your love was received and appreciated. You wish to be given LOVE and to be appreciated and accepted just as you are.

You deserve this kind of love!



to feel connected to your body.

to soften and reconnect with your feminine.

freedom, comfort, and relaxation in your body

to feel pleasure in your body again.

to be more open-hearted with people, even when you are afraid.

to feel all your feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones (anger, grief, etc).

guidance on how to stand up for yourself in a loving way.

to be more vulnerable and open with people.

to fully trust yourself and others.

to feel seen, heard, and accepted.

If the above is all true, then keep reading and stick with me…


Connect to your Body::Speak your Mind


Here’s what you can expect to release as a result of enrolling and completing this Program:

  • the feeling of not belonging, feeling disconnected, and feeling crippling fear of rejection and vulnerability
  • avoidance of intimacy and being a people-pleaser and ice queen
  • being guarded, closed-in, and living an isolated existence
  • feeling depleted, used, taken advantage of, and sucked dry
  • working hard, earning love, and never relaxing

Here’s what you WILL experience as a result of fully using the tools taught in this Program:

  • standing up for yourself in the most loving way possible
  • feeling your feelings
  • being deeply connected to your body again
  • loving people and receiving love without you needing to do anything
  • fully trusting yourself and therefore trusting others more
  • feeling free and excited to be yourself
  • full-life pleasure emotionally, sexually, physically, intellectually, and spiritually
  • loving and accepting yourself unconditionally
  • showing up fully open-hearted in the world with courage, love, and confidence.

Perhaps you’ve done the therapy, googled shit, followed blogs, listened to a lot of podcasts, or you’ve been coached. You’re a badass and you won’t rest until you have figured it all out. You’re dedicated to discovering the best solutions and guidance to help you heal and feel good. Most importantly, you are done trying to fix yourself because you are not broken.

You’ve tried so many things except what works and what is simple and already within you. Everything in society is teaching you how to avoid your body and feelings. Yet, you need to feel and connect with your body again and you need to speak your truth. Take a breath. It’s ok. No one taught you or encouraged you to do that. That changes today if you’re ready.


Connect to your Body AND Speak your Mind


This program teaches you

  • a way to unprogram what you have learned about yourself and relationships
  • a way to re-wire your nervous system and your body so you feel calm and at peace 
  • simple practices and a set of skills you haven’t learned before
  • how to feel ALL your feelings
  • how to stand up for yourself in a loving way
  • how to replace the fear program with the LOVE program (think of it as updating your operating system)
  • how to show up as yourself, love yourself, and speak the truth with everyone.


Will you join me and your sisters?

Is it the perfect time for you to feel hopeful, energized, excited, amazed, shocked, joyful, giddy, playful, and curious?

Are you excited about trusting yourself again?

Are you ready to deeply connect with your body and have the most amazing relationships of your life? 

Good! Because this Program is nothing short of miraculous.

I do not say this lightly.

Hi I’m Sophia….

Creator of Radical Pleasurist. I help people stop being people-pleasers so that they experience truly pleasurable relationships. I help you to become lovingly aware of and help you to remove any barriers to having the most fulfilling and radically pleasurable intimacy and connections. I’ve been coaching women for over a decade and this Program is based on the miraculous results my clients have experienced. It is also based on my own transformation and journey.

I am a former couple and sex therapist turned Intimacy, Sex, and Relationship Coach and entrepreneur. I have spent my life teaching and living mindfulness, love, acceptance, and how to break abusive patterns and addictions. I am a published author, sisterhood healer, community organizer, communication and embodiment expert, and speaker. I can’t live without community, nature, and touch. I founded the Intimate Sisterhood, Women’s Intimacy Soirée, the Radical Pleasure Circle, and Radical Pleasure Programs.

I practice everything I teach and I LIVE my life exactly as who I am: honest, joyful, open-hearted, vulnerable, and courageous. No filter, no censoring. Just unconditional love.

I have amazing relationships with EVERYONE in my life. I have built the most loving community around me. I receive love and magic on the daily! I have support coming at me every day from many people. I ask for help when I need it and I receive it openly. I am a master communicator and people tell me all the time how safe and inspired they feel around me. I have fierce and loving boundaries that make others feel safe to be around me and I inspire folks to develop their own boundaries.

I feel my feelings. I tell the truth. I comfort people. I keep agreements with myself and others. I’m here to teach you how to do the same.

I keep returning to the same conclusion: to be fully alive, laugh loudly, be completely yourself, love without bounds, have incredibly authentic and delicious relationships with everybody, and feel full-life pleasure – YOU MUST FEEL AND CONNECT WITH YOUR BODY and YOU MUST COMMUNICATE CLEARLY AND COURAGEOUSLY ALL THE TIME. There is no way around this. I’ve tried it. I’ve tried to analyze, logic, intellectualize, and think my way out of suffering and pain. I’ve tried to ignore my body with grave consequences. It is when I courageously feel my body and listen; that is when I feel deep love, compassion, grace, peace, and pleasure. This reverberates and extends into my daily life and relationships. We have language and stories as our connectors. It is with our words that we share who we are. Let’s use them impeccably and lovingly.

Don’t take my word for it. Experience it for yourself! Play, explore, experiment, and BE OPEN! Let’s do this!

The Program includes:


six modules of potent and simple practices

step-by-step guidance on incorporating the simple practices into your life

private LIFETIME access to your own membership site

access to a private online community of women learning and practicing alongside you

responsive and compassionate customer and technical support via email

the option to move through the Program and complete the modules at your own pace with SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY

access to Sophia for email support, further guidance, troubleshooting and Q&A, accountability, and extra live bonuses in the private online Sisterhood

*** Private coaching with Sophia if you choose that option

Module 1

Go from Doing to Noticing

Know who is operating your life (your inner critic or your higher self) and open yourself to receive.

Module 2

Slow it way down or The Pause

Learn the simple practice of Body Tracking to deeply connect with your body and begin building your trust reserve with yourself.

Module 3

Play with others

Use Body Tracking to practice trusting yourself with others. Accept yourself as you are and begin removing your armor (melt Ice Queen).

Module 4

Speak your feelings

Practice the prerequisite to communicating fiercely and lovingly. Practice being receptive, trusting, and allowing through your use of Feeling Messages. Reconnect with your feminine energy through words.

Module 5

Communicate clearly, compassionately, and courageously

Practice saying exactly what you feel, what you desire, and what you need. Make requests unapologetically, feel heard, appreciated, seen, and feel liberated.

Module 6

Integration and Expansion

Let go of being a pleaser. Attract and experience authentic and deep relationships with those already in your life. Release people smoothly from your life who aren’t with your new program.


Lifetime access to Program includes short videos, audio, and/or worksheets to ensure understanding and successful completion of the program AT YOUR OWN PACE. All modules include a simple practice that gently integrates into your life. NO EXTRA WORK because we love play!


All Program participants receive access to new teaching and custom bonuses forever. Once you’re a member, every time we launch the program in the future, you can join for FREE! Think of it as updated editions of a book you receive for FREE after you enroll the first time!


Lifetime access to your own membership page that only you see and lifetime access to an exclusive and confidential Sisterhood for support, coaching, and extra bonus material from Sophia.

Connect to your Body::Speak your Mind

6-Module Program +

Exclusive Online Sisterhood Community +

Unlimited Email Support from Radical Pleasurist

One time payment of $997 (save $101) OR two payments of $549


* Sophia will provide the support during the duration of the program. The SISTERHOOD will provide peer support and accountability!

What Women Are Saying

This has been the best gift to myselfMy confidence and communication has increased and I’m not afraid to tell people what I think and feel. Any woman who doesn’t feel heard or understood, who doesn’t know how to unlock her confidence, who is a pleaser and puts everyone else before her and takes on too much is perfect for this program and definitely ready to receive support from Sophia.


Entrepreneur & Accounting Specialist, Mintage Labs

I didn’t know how much my lack of trust was effecting my relationships. I felt like I needed to control my emotions and situations. Control left me stressed out, in my head, and in painful situations. Sophia saw me and has helped me recognize my pattern of avoiding pleasure and vulnerability. She taught me how effortless life and relationships can be. My life and my relationships are now fun!


Entrepreneur & Medicine Woman, Soul and Body Work

I have a much deeper connection to feeling my body and LISTENING to her than ever before. The program has opened up my ability to prioritize myself first, to feel during a decision-making process and make choices based on what feels good to me, rather than how I think I can make it work and bend over backwards to please everyone else.


Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor, Boldly Go Yoga

This All Sounds Great But…

How does this Program work?

The Program is 6 modules and ONLINE. The Program is released one module per week for 6 weeks. This is to prevent overwhelm and so you pace yourself. After 6 weeks, you have lifetime access to the ENTIRE program through your own membership page. You can complete it in 6 weeks or complete it at your own pace once all the modules have been released. Remember to join the private and confidential Sisterhood so we can support you as you go through the Program. 

What if I've purchased the Program and change my mind?

1) it’s common to purchase something and freak out. Fear kicks in. Email us and we’ll support you in making the best decision for you. Sit with the fear/discomfort.

2) If you know the program is not for you, after all, that’s totally OK! If you’ve purchased the program, you are welcome to a partial refund up until 7 days after the program has begun MINUS a 10% processing fee. You can experience Module 1 and if it’s definitely not for you, you may ask for a refund via email (your request MUST be in writing). No questions asked. If you ask for a refund, it takes 6-8 weeks to process your request minus 10% for processing fees. If you ask for a refund, you will NOT have access to the bonuses or the private Sisterhood online. If you are in the exclusive online Sisterhood, we will remove you since the space is confidential and only for Program participants.

What if a lot of feelings come up and I don't know how to handle them?

Great question! A lot of feelings WILL come to the surface and that’s why we are doing this within Sisterhood. Relying on your sisters and asking for help are what ensure success. Also know that although I am a master coach, I am not a licensed medical or mental health professional. I have 20 years of experience as a therapist and I am well-versed in trauma-specific care. I recommend that you have a support system in place in addition to the online Sisterhood (for example, a therapist). Tell a trusted friend, partner, or therapist that you are going through this Program so they could support and cheerlead you on. Coming out of isolation is the KEY and I encourage it every step of the way.

How do you teach the Program?

The Program is taught through short videos, audio, step-by-step instructions, and worksheets. Everything is available via your own membership page. I recognize that everyone learns differently and I break down the teaching into bite-size pieces. I recommend you move through one Module per week (or take your time and move through each Module however long you desire). Each week, I teach a simple tool/skill that you get to practice throughout the week. You will have the opportunity to join a live Q&A weekly. This is when you receive live coaching so be sure to join! If something needs clarification or you need troubleshooting, the Sisterhood is also a space to share your struggles and triumphs and receive peer support and coaching from me.

What if I don't understand something?

Ask questions during Q&A or at any time within the Sisterhood. If something truly doesn’t make sense, email us. If you are struggling, email us. We are committed to providing clear guidance and your questions/concerns matter!

How do I know whether this Program will work for me?

I have been coaching women privately since 2014 and I worked as a Relationship therapist for over a decade. I created the Program from my own life experience and transformation and from the feedback I have received from my clients. I have taught the Program privately and for groups of women from all over the world. I have gathered a ton of data and testimonials. I have watched my clients transform and the effects lasted well over a year after completing the Program.  As long as you follow the teaching, rely on your support systems, and engage in the online Sisterhood, you are likely to receive the benefits of the Program. Some women have gone through the Program multiple times and I encourage that. Every time you move through the teaching, you are showing up more as yourself and you will experience the teaching differently every time. Since you have lifetime access to the Program, you can do this at any time you want!

How much time does the Program take?

Each module includes short video instruction, worksheets, and/or audio. The videos are super short so you can consume them in bite-size pieces. Watching, listening, or reading the material will take no more than 60 minutes/week. Learning and putting the tools into practice each week will take as much time as you put into it. The tools themselves take a few seconds to a minute to practice!

What happens when I stop being a pleaser and ice queen?

This is the best question of all! You will finally be able to stand up for yourself in the most loving way possible without shutting down! You will feel FREE! You will feel everything I have described on this page! For real, I do not exaggerate on what you can expect to feel as a result of this Program. You will walk through the world lighter & happier. You will feel like you have been freed from prison. There is nothing in the world more joyful than loving yourself and influencing everyone around you to live the same way.


“You are not broken. You are buried under a pile of shit. Time to come out! Time to stand up for yourself!”

Sophia Treyger, co-creator of CBSM

Connect to your Body::Speak your Mind

6-Module Program +

Exclusive Online Sisterhood Community +

Unlimited Email Support from Radical Pleasurist

One time payment of $997 (save $101) OR two payments of $549


* Sophia will provide the support during the duration of the program. The SISTERHOOD will provide peer support and accountability!

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